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Salmon are anadromous derived from the Greek, meaning running upward , migrating upriver from the sea to spawn, facing myriad obstacles along the way in order to create a new generation. Return to top of page. And they keep so constantly to the mid-depths that they are seldom seen at the surface, except in the estuaries. Because of the distance, these fish enter streams early and comprise the spring and summer runs. Some will overwinter in freshwater and only feed at sea during the warmer months.
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Atlantic Salmon FAQ- salmon life cycle

Although the numbers of wild salmon have been declining for more than a century, the debate over how to address the problem has been infused with a new sense of urgency. Please review our privacy policy. After spawning is completed, they die. In addition, salmon have overlapping rather than discrete generations. Then they make an incredible upstream journey to spawn lay eggs in the same places that they were hatched. Local adaptations, promoted by strong homing and strong selection pressures, are known for salmon populations throughout the world.
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Salmon: Running the Gauntlet | Salmon Lifecycle | Nature | PBS

Many are caught on artificial flies, while every salmon angler knows that they will sometimes take a hook baited with angleworms or with prawns. Once near their natal streams, river or lakes, adult salmon use olfactory cues, or smell, to return to the spawning grounds where they originated. An interesting case is that of a pound 2-ounce fish, caught in the Moisie River, on the north shore of the Gulf of St. Once salmon have spawned they are referred to as either spawned-out salmon , or kelts. Reproduction: After spending one to five years at sea depending on the species , sexually mature salmon return to fresh-waters to spawn. This trout matures in 3 to 4 years. Mary's Bay and Digby Gut, but fish en route to the Shubenacadie River system are taken in some numbers as they follow the shore of Annapolis and Kings Counties the Annapolis River also yields a few salmon in its lower course, and some are taken in the Annapolis Basin.
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Also, the scientific name of steelhead changed from Salmo gairdneri to Oncorhynchus mykiss. Most anglers believe that they may occasionally snap up a small fish or other tempting morsel. John River in autumn pass the winter there probably in a lethargic state before moving up to the head of tide 80 miles distant. Rearing - Coho have a very regular life history. Explore more from this episode More.
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