Fuck it i see you in me

And if I saw criminals trying to lie Hurting other people and making them cry I'd haul them off to jail in my Awesome Van. We are all sinking and there will be no escape. I'll heal you in me Fuck it! My reminiscences of this life was fake, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Don't be so blind, we are nothing at all everything is fake and i can't stand it anymore It's been a torture, ha!
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SEETHER lyrics : "Fuck It"

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F**k It testo

Oh, Special Fred, Mamma dropped him on his head Now he's not so bright, instead, he's a little bit special. Don't think about the music or how it's sung, just read the lyrics. Lead them from temptation Make them royalty All the things we facing Make us question it Lead us to salvation, pour that oil please Thats how we become kings and queens. Creation From the metaphysical to the physical From the metaphysical to the physical From the inside out Let there be no doubt. Tribus: I'm right here Not to diss Marilyn Manson but he has some pretty disturbing lyrics, although they don't bother me one bit, they seem to bother the other majority of the population. Be with me frequently Bless my situation, give me love Bless the situation, let them know Know that you love, know you can love.
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SEETHER : Fuck It lyrics

I hold my breath but I can't believe it's real. I'll heal you in me Fuck it! I wonder if I can trust in every word you said. It's gonna hurt again mommy Much worse than last time Am I gonna see God, mommy? How can I explain why mommy isn't here anymore? You've got my back against the wall. They are pissing me of and I pray they're going to make a mistake.
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Now there's a lesson for the kiddies. This is not a curse, will you wait alone in your bed? I guess I like it when we play The way you drag me down I guess I like it when you hate me The way you drag me down 'Cause I can't face myself in a mirror I'm left alone with all my pain And I disgrace myself in the mirror I'm left alone with my shame Fuck it! On nights like this I ride turn the music up to keep from crying Wait til that sunshine Please don't let the darkness keep me low Halfway to the home base Like a field trip Its a real trip. I used to shoot up my veins in neon And shit's even brighter; you're gone So many things I would say to you I want you. This is the way we lived These words are meaningless And everything there reminds me of these days.
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